Serenity Trust

In today’s challenging environment businesses are under constant pressure to reduce their costs while improving work flow & efficiency. Serenity Trust is allowing them to do just that with its Enterprise grade backup service utilising Microsoft System Centre Data protection manager & its Linux based backup services. When compared with other service providers offering the same level of extreme protection the costs with Serenity are considerably less. Customers can reduce the cost and risks associated with downtime as expensive data recovery operations won’t be necessary. Additionally Serenity takes care of having your servers and backup system monitored so any issue on either side of the operation can be identified and fixed. Large databases that constantly change are no problem with DPM being able to identify and isolate the changes in the database and back up the differential.

In addition to Windows servers Serenity handles backup and restoration of Linux / Unix servers with its unique combination of a point in time snapshot system and its own custom built Filegate software to facilitate restoration of files by the end user.
In short no matter what your platform your data is covered and it’s covered by the business that is responsible for restoration.