The brand new website for Serenity Trust has been launched.
The new website is designed to be responsive and uses a combination of Bootsrap & JQuery javascript in order to adapt to the target device from which it is being viewed

A new business structure is launched. The former entity Avenue Network Services is now trading as Serenity Trust.
The same business that Avenue Network service's clients have come to trust is now known as Serenity Trust.
Serenity Trust

A warm welcome to Elevate education as a new valued client.
Serenity trust is proud to work with Elevate to further strengthen their I.T. backbone and deliver ongoing support.

Serenity Accounting is released to select clients for Beta testing.
The first client starts using Serenity Accounting. The feedback received has been encouraging. More on this front soon!
Serenity Accounting

The new web site goes live for Velocity Air.
Work was finalised on the Velocity Air web site. The site was developed & designed from the ground up including Intranet/ Extranet & public World Wide Web sections.

Support call tracking Web Application designed / programmed & deployed.
Work on a database backed web application was undertaken to provide a system that will keep track of support requests and verify multiple party compliance to resolutions. The job commissioned by Velocity Air is completed and put into production. The system has proven to be robust and reliable. The system was custom programmed using Java server technology (JSP/Servlets/Struts) & backed by a Postgresql database.